Construction Projects

Construction Projects

  •        Since its establishment in 2000, and as one of its core businesses, SLP has provided clients with legal services in construction projects. Over many years of development, the scope of construction project legal services provided by SLP has become more extensive, now covering housing, industrial plants, commercial buildings, industrial zones, renovation, national highways, oil depots, gardens, environmental protection projects, and installations of various large-scale equipment. We have particularly great experience and advantages in complex urban infrastructure projects like BOT, large-scale construction projects, large and medium-sized equipment installations, and claims and related dispute settlements. We have formed a business structure around real estate and infrastructure construction projects, with other projects taking on subsidiary roles. SLP can, at the request of clients, provide full legal services right from project approval through to delivery or settlement of project payment, and may also accept single commissions.
           SLP's knowledge, experience, and understanding of clients’ needs in the field of construction projects are derived from ongoing practical experience in providing legal services to developers, shareholders, contractors, subcontractors, engineering and construction advisers and financing institutions. Our construction project lawyers are very familiar with the unique circumstances of engineering practice in China. We have dealt with many kinds of non-standard practice our clients have encountered, such as the inevitable practice of using affiliated companies, and problems relating to materials payment, relationships between hired workers, and engineering funds caused by such affiliations. We can custom design and implement appropriate countermeasures to minimize these risks.
           SLP and its cooperative institutions also assist leading domestic and foreign infrastructure investment companies, management companies and investment funds in operating and trading in infrastructure construction and management projects across China, and provide legal support in the form of due diligence, bidding or investment plans and strategies, mergers and acquisitions, increases in share capital, franchise transfers, government negotiations, etc. SLP also has the capacity to assist the government in designing financing schemes for infrastructure projects, conducting financial feasibility studies and preparing project information memorandum and documents for attracting investment, organizing investment attraction, negotiating with investors and dealing with other financing-related matters. We also provide strong support for China's large-scale construction and installation businesses on the international market, including recommending overseas projects, conducting due diligence, setting up overseas institutions, bidding and negotiating, etc. Legal services we provide for construction projects mainly include:
    ●Providing special or full legal services for exploration, design, construction and supervision of projects.
    ●Participating in negotiations for construction projects and assisting clients in project planning and feasibility studies.
    ●Reviewing, drafting, revising and managing legal documents relating to construction projects and issuing legal opinions.
    ●Providing legal services concerning construction project guarantees and insurance.
    ●Participating in bidding invitations, bidding, and government procurement procedures and providing legal support.
    ●Designing, arranging and formulating plans for project financing and assisting or supervising in their implementation
    ●Contacting administrative departments on behalf of our clients to obtain administrative licenses and solve administrative disputes.
    ●Acting in various types of litigation, arbitration or other dispute settlement procedures.
           Reevant Experience
    ●Provided a well-known domestic environmental protection enterprise with special legal services for BOT investment projects.
    ●Provided a large construction group with full legal services for bidding invitation and bidding, construction risk prevention, etc.
    ●Acted for a Xiamen construction company to recover project payments, realizing creditor's rights to a claim worth millions of Yuan
    ●Represented a well-known domestic environmental protection enterprises in handling its several construction project disputes, with the total claims of nearly 10 million Yuan
    ●Acted for a domestic well-known environmental science and technology engineering company in an arbitration case to recover responsibility for breach of contract in an installment project, realizing creditor's rights to a claim worth several millions of Yuan


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