Real Estate

Real Estate

  •        The real estate lawyers at SLP are equipped with a profound knowledge of real estate legal theory and rich practical experience. In today’s complex and variable real estate market, our legal services are aimed at all market participants. Engaging in all kinds of real estate practice, we represent many different clients including banks, developers, investors, fund raisers, and land use rights holders, as well as local government agencies, relocated households, buyers, leasees, guarantors and property management organizations. SLP is familiar with all kinds of real estate law, practices and operational matters. In real estate projects all over China, SLP has represented domestic and oversea developers, banks and other financial institutions (including all kinds of real estate investment funds, pawn shops, and guarantee institutions), property investors and local governments. We also provide legal services in the areas of land development, land use rights transfer, project development, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, real estate project financing, etc. The types of real estate projects we participate in are diverse, including infrastructure, industrial and commercial sites and houses, large-scale shopping malls, office buildings, residential houses, hotels, logistics facilities, sports and leisure facilities, environmental protection facilities, and the residences of overseas Chinese. Our lawyers also conduct non-performing assets acquisition and disposal business, mainly acting for well-known financial and investment institutions at home and abroad.
            SLP’s areas of specialty include but are not limited to the following:
    ●Providing special legal services for public land tendering activities.
    ●Providing comprehensive legal services or single services in real estate development and operation projects, including offering legal advice, drafting contracts, carrying out reviews, monitoring contract performance, and handling relevant formalities for project planning, government project approval, remise of land use rights, transfer or leasing, demolition and relocation, project construction, real estate transactions, project transfer and financing.
    ●Providing consultation, contract review and witnesses for house purchase and sale, leasing, mortgaging, rights verification and decoration; and may be employed as legal advisers to individuals, enterprises or public institutions engaged in house purchasing.
    ●Communicating with government land, planning, construction and environmental protection departments to solve administrative disputes on behalf of clients.
    ●Participating in litigation, arbitration or mediation to formulate and implement resolutions in disputes related to real estate on behalf of real estate developers, design units, banks and other financial institutions, builders, all parties involved in the purchase and sale of housing property, leasing parties, and property management units.
          SLP real estate lawyers have always been active in real estate legal services. Our lawyers have formed a distinct working style and explored effective working models over their many years of real estate legal practice. Our lawyers are not only familiar with basic real estate legislation, but also pay special attention to developments and changes to regional laws and regulations and government administrative behavior. We often hold different kinds of meetings, discussions and uninterrupted exchanges and summaries of our professional knowledge, skills and experience. Out real estate lawyers always work closely with SLP lawyers of other specialisms, in particular the corporate business, construction projects, banking finance, taxation, dispute settlement and asset management and disposal teams, on order to provide the most effective services for clients. SLP positions itself as a specialized real estate market legal service provider, and maintains good cooperative relations with other related intermediary organizations. SLP can use its specialisms to provide in-depth and creative solutions in matters of real estate.

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