SLP Global Network

       As a PRC regional law firm with abundant international resources, Sphere Logic Partners (SLP) actively build our global legal service platform, recruiting and training talents with international perspective. SLP lawyers have been educated or trained in different countries and they have had work backgrounds from well-known law firms or other professional advisory organizations. Understanding the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, they are skilled in effectively communicating on crucial issues and seeking solutions over complex cross-border factors.
       SLP is one of the earliest Chinese members of the Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), an organization with more than 100 members of small and medium-sized law firms located in over 50 countries around the world, with which we have established long-term, stable and reliable platform for exchanging business leads and needs, referring legal matters, coordinating client service and sharing on law firm management. In addition to the small and medium-sized law firms within the LAW platform, SLP has maintained years of business collaboration with a number of international law firms.
       Thanks to our international legal service network established around the globe as well as our cooperation with other organizations such as investment banks, consulting firms and trade associations, SLP has developed the capability to integrate various resources in different jurisdictions and effectively meet the global needs of our clients in both legal and commercial services.