About SLP

About SLP

  •        Sphere Logic Partners ("SLP") is a partnership law firm that was founded in April, 2000. It is headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian, with a branch in Quanzhou, Fujian. Since its foundation, SLP has been committed to providing high-quality commercial legal services to a broad range of clients. Thanks to SLP lawyers’ unique business perpective, they are well-equipped to assist clients as they carry out their business activities, and are able to effectively protect their legitimate business interests. SLP has won an ever increasing number of honors as a result of its continuous efforts in the field of commercial legal services.
           SLP has grown into a comprehensive law firm whose core business is providing commercial legal services. Well-established in such business areas as litigation and arbitration, corporate business, and criminal defense, SLP is also a pioneer in the fields of supply chain, intellectual property rights, foreign and cross-border business, customs matters and trade compliance, as well as corporate liquidation and bankruptcy. We have gradually formed distinctive service advantages that have attracted an increasing number of leading clients from many industries, and we act as these clients’ primary legal service provider.
           At the same time, based on a long history of positive interaction with local government and its functional departments and rich experience gained over many years, SLP has been appointed year after year as a government legal adviser and special legal service provider.
           Most of SLP's lawyers graduated with a degree in law from one of China’s key colleges or universities, and many have studied or worked in major countries of Europe or America. A diversity of employment backgrounds and an effective staffing mechanism ensure that SLP is able to provide a wide variety of professional services to a wide range of customers; and in doing so, has gained widespread recognition and appreciation.
           SLP has maintained longstanding cooperative relations with a large number of institutions both at home and abroad (including intellectual property service agencies, higher education institutions, investment institutions, etc.). As a Chinese member of the "Lawyers Associated Worldwide" (LAWYERS ASSOCIATED WORLDWIDE), SLP has maintained a close working relationship with many law firms and lawyers worldwide. With the advancement of the Internet and globalization, SLP's lawyers have broadened their vision to provide customers with more forward-looking and precise commercial legal services.
           While providing high-quality legal services, SLP is always aware of the social responsibility that should be borne by law firms. SLP's lawyers are actively engaged in public welfare activities organized by the judicial administration and other government departments throughout the year. It regularly subsidizes and assists non-profit organizations, such as schools, and provides assistance to disadvantaged groups. Through such social activities, SLP has brought itself into close contact with the public, endeavored to fully play its role in terms of social responsibility, and established its brand and reputation.

  • Legal Services in the Context of Globalization
           Modern China offers many amazing opportunities. However it also presents many challenges—some new and unknown, some long-lived. How to enter the vast and complex Chinese market, which is deeply influenced by historical and cultural factors, is a strategic issue that every transnational corporation must in the long term confront. For rapidly growing Chinese enterprises, the obvious next step is to go after opportunities overseas, further gaining global recognition and respect. No matter what kind of enterprises they are, they need, in different degrees, the support of Chinese law firms with a wide vision, rich experience, international resources and a profound understanding of culture and real practices both in China and abroad.

    Value Beyond Legal Consultation
           SLP's lawyers are active in the fields of practice that are closely connected with our clients’ success, and are committed to providing clients with erudite commercial legal services. Every member of our team has his/her unique work experience and area of expertise. They are always concerned about their clients’ development, deeply understanding their business needs, corporate culture and competitive environment. Our lawyers are committed to working closely with our clients to explore highly viable and creative solutions that help them become outstanding players in their industries.

    Simple and Flexible Framework
           SLP is strongly aware that only experienced and modest-sized law firms can effectively represent clients’ interests. Among fierce competition, SLP calculates costs with ever more caution, but its simple, flexible framework means SLP can provide services that are the perfect combination of cost and quality. On the one hand, we are able to meet our our clients' budgetary requirements; on the other, we have the capability to complete any work entrusted to us by our clients. Such a philosophy gives maximium benefit to our clients. The size and framework of SLP guarantee that on any project our team is always staffed by more than one senior lawyer to assume overall responsibility and ensure quality of service. If necessary, we can make full use of our domestic and foreign resources to provide clients with timely, extensive and complex legal and commercial services.

    Cross-border Perspective, Experience and Resources
           SLP has many well-known clients both at home and abroad, many of whom are industry giants and Fortune 500 companies. We provide clients with cross-border investment and M&A services, and support them in conducting corporate governance and the standardization of daily operations. We seek and identify major business opportunities, assist clients in financing and listing both at home and abroad, and represent them in solving complex legal disputes. Our lawyers have received legal training and education in a host of different countries, and have backgrounds in well-known legal services and professional advisory bodies at home and abroad. They understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, and are good at communicating effectively on difficult issues and seeking solutions in situations involving complex cross-border factors. SLP is not only one of the first Chinese members of Lawyers Associated Worldwide, but also enjoys a fine reputation among and close working relationship with many other top law firms and professional advisory bodies both at home and abroad. These cross-border advantages guarantee that SLP can continue to provide highly-efficient, high-quality cross-border legal services.


    Foreign and Foreign-funded Enterprises Chinese-funded Enterprises Government Organization
    ABB Baicheng Construction & Investment Co., Ltd. People's Government of Huli District
    Abertis Lead Holding Group People's Government of Siming District
    Alcan Grand River Group Xiamen Legal Affairs Center of Trade Remedy
    Apple Fujian Coal Industry Group
    (now Fujian Energy Group Co., Ltd.)
    People's Government of Xiamen
    Asetek Huiheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. Judicatory Bureau of Xiamen
    Bank of America Jiamei Group Xiamen Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
    Black & Decker JMC Xiamen Postal Administration
    Cargill Jiashi (Xiamen) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Xiamen Investment Promotion Agency
    Caterpillar Road & Bridge Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. People's Government of Wuyishan City
    Dell Leedarson  
    DANAHER Sichuan Huashi Group and China Huashi  
    DANAHER Solex Group  
    Ermenegildo Zegna WDI  
    Euramax Xiamen Construction & Development Group  
    eHealth Xiamen CCRE Group  
    FTI consulting Xiamen Bank  
    Fagerdala Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd.  
    GN Resound Xiamen Yarui Optical Co., Ltd.  
    Huisman Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd.  
    LEVIS Zhejiang Zhongneng Electrical Co., Ltd.  
    Main Group China North Industries Corporation Group  
    NIKE China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd.  
    PAIG China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.  
    Pernod Ricard China Xinxing Corporation Group  
    Plexus CLP Group  
    Puma China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Co., Ltd.  
    Quaker China Green Group  

  • 2003-2004     Advanced Collective of the Xiamen Judicial Administration System
    2005          Xiamen Lawyer Forum’s Organization of Excellence Award
    2005          The First Lawyer Forum of Fujian’s Research Paper Award
    2005          Advanced Collective of the Xiamen Judicial Administration System, 2003-2004
    2005          Advanced Law Firm of the Year for Construction of Regulations, awarded by the Fujian Provincial Department of Justice to All Law Firm Partners in the Province
    2006           Advanced Party Law Firm Branch, awarded by the CPC Fujian Provincial Lawyers Association Committee
    2007-2009      Fujian Law Firm of Excellence
    2010           Big Taxpayer of Jialian Sub-district, Siming District, Xiamen
    2011           Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization, awarded by the Party Organization of the CPC Xiamen Bureau of Justice
    2011           Performance Award for “Singing Revolutionary Songs to the Great CPC”, at the Xiamen Legal Industry Singing Contest
    2011          Pacesetter among Party Member Lawyers in the Xiamen Legal Industry
    2012          Xiamen Law Firm of Excellence
    2012-2013     Fujian Advanced Law Firm of Civility and Honesty
    2011-2014     National Law Firm of Excellence

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