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    •        Mr. Wang Xizhi began practicing in 2014 and is now a core member of SLP’s IPR case team, focusing on IPR protection and operation. Over the years, Mr. Wang has provided domestic and foreign clients (including multinational corporations and world-renowned brands) from various industries with IPR services in areas like trademarks and anti-unfair competition, copyright and trade secrets, licensing and other IPR transactions and strategies. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, excellent business mind and ability to apply himself to any task, he is always able to find appropriate, customized solutions for his clients.
             Being familiar with China's unique IPR protection environment and characteristics, Mr. Wang has mastered various approaches against infringement cases and formed long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known international law firms, domestic survey companies, network security service providers and other institutions, and been active in IPR litigation all over China. He is also particularly good at integrating and applying advanced technologies to provide clients with IPR protection on the Internet.
             Mr. Wang speaks Mandarin, English and the Hokkien dialect.

    • In September 2011, at the invitation of the United States Department of State, went to the U.S. to participate in an IVLP IPR protection project 

    • ●Handled preemptive Chinese trademark registration for a world-leading electric tools company;
      ●As an adviser on safeguarding rights for Dell in Mainland China, successfully handled nearly 1,000 cases of trademark infringement and unfair competition;
      ●Cooperated with the top international IPR service providers (such as Baker & McKenzie and Hogan Lovells), handled trademark and copyright infringement cases for world famous brands in various industries, such as Apple, Starbucks, Cadbury, and Volvo;
      ●Provided strategies, consultation and services relating to IPR safeguards on the Internet for Dell, Apple, CK, Prada, Martell, Chivas and other well-known brands, as well as a world-famous gaming company;
      ●Supported the inventor of revolutionary laser display technology in entrepreneurship, designing a corporate structure, and formulating IPR strategies; and assisted in IPR management and handling IPR issues involving all links of the company’s operations;
      ●Provided a well-known Chinese animation company with legal services for creation and production of animation works, domestic and foreign copyright (TV and internet), and commercialization of characters, etc.;
      ●Provided a complex legal solution for a local bank’s software licensing arrangements following the termination of cooperation with its dedicated software solution provider, which was troubled by capital market scandals;
      ●Provided a leading bathroom product group with legal services for gaining the exclusive agency rights in China for a high-end Italian bathroom product brand;
      ●Worked with Dell to provide IPR management schemes for a large state-owned enterprise;
      ●Provided legal plans for IPR liability exemptions, guarantees, and other relevant matters in its contract management to a company applying for listing;
      ●Provided IPR services for all operational links of “A-plus”—a leading online English training brand in China, and part of the ADEC Group;
      ●Provided advice and solutions on the use of works submitted in a design contest held by Dell (China);
      ●Provided software copyright protection services for BSA (Business Software Alliance).