Huang Zhiyong / Associate
Phone:+ 86 592 5619908

The practice field

  • Huang Zhiyong Huang Zhiyong Huang Zhiyong
    •        Mr. Huang Zhiyong is one of the core members of SLP’s Customs Law Team. He is mainly engaged in management and consultation regarding enterprises’ daily customs affairs, customs legal and compliance assessments, customs protection of IPR, responding measures for customs inspection, customs administrative reconsideration and administrative proceedings, and defending in smuggling cases.
             Prior to joining SLP, Mr. Huang worked in the regulation department and the anti-smuggling department of the regional customs office. Since 2006, he has served as a public customs lawyer, mainly in drawing up and popularization of customs legislation, business legal and compliance review, administrative reconsideration litigation, and IPR protection. He has participated in the legislative work of General Administration of Customs and local customs offices, and has a lot of experience in anti-smuggling cases.
             Mr. Huang graduated from the Department of Economic Law at East China College of Political Science and Law, and obtained a master’s degree in Law from Xiamen University. He speaks in Mandarin, English, and the Hokkien dialect.