Dai Yongnan / Associate

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The practice field

  • Litigation and Arbitration
    Criminal Defense
    Corporate Business
    Real Estate

  • Dai Yongnan Dai Yongnan Dai Yongnan
    •        Mr. Dai Yongnan joined SLP in 2007 and is the principal member of our litigation and arbitration team. He has successfully acted for clients in a large number of dispute resolution procedures and has extremely rich experience in contracts, real estate, equity disputes, and labor disputes.
             Before becoming a practicing lawyer, he was a judge with nine years of practical experience. As a result, he provides excellent, comprehensive legal services and has unique strengths and a personal style in dealing with disputes settlement.
             Mr. Dai speaks Mandarin and the Hokkien dialect.

    • In 2013   Part-time arbitrator of the Xiamen Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee
      In 2014   Part-time arbitrator of the Xiamen Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee
      In 2015   Law expert in the Xiamen Medical Dispute Mediation Committee

    • ●From May 2013, he has been employed as a part-time arbitrator of the Xiamen Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee, successfully handling many labor disputes within enterprises well-known nationally.
      ●From 2012, he has been a member of the advisory group to Xiamen Baicheng Construction & Investment Co., Ltd., providing full and diversified legal services for the company in the fields of engineering and construction, commerce and trade, etc.
      ●From 2013 to 2014, as one of the liquidation managers, he fully participated in two non-state-owned enterprises’ mandatory liquidation cases.
      ●In his familiar field of civil infringement disputes, he not only protected the disadvantaged group but also safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the violators, achieving unity of sentiment, reason and law in the process of handling cases, and thus obtaining the trust and praise of both parties.