Chen Yao / Associate
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The practice field

  • Chen Yao Chen Yao Chen Yao
    •        Having joined SLP in November 2013, Mr. Chen Yao is now a member of the commercial transactions, company business, maritime affairs, and international affairs teams. Since joining SLP, Chen Yao has applied his mind and skills as a commercial lawyer to provide services for clients. He is committed to helping clients avoid business risks and protect their business operations.
             Mr. Chen, a graduate of the Xiamen University School of Law, worked in Fortune Global 500 companies like Maersk Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. and China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd before joining SLP. He has established professional skills in the fields of maritime commerce, logistics, insurance, banking and other industries, and has many years of experience in risk prevention and supply chain management.
             Thanks to this work experience, Mr. Chen has successfully participated in litigation in civil and commercial fields such as investment, cooperation and financing disputes, marine affairs, logistics, trade, insurance, and other civil and commercial fields on behalf of many clients. Together with other lawyers he has provided many large and medium-sized enterprises with non-litigation legal services, such as non-performing assets collection and liquidation and accumulated a wealth of legal experience.
             Mr. Chen speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and English.