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    •        Mr. LUO Shuguang is one of the founders of SLP and serves as one of its directors. Having worked in business before practicing law, Mr. Luo has a profound understanding of business management and ecology. He started practicing law in June 1994, and has since been engaged in legal studies and services in the fields of real estate law, construction and engineering law and corporate law. Having represented his clients in various complex non-litigation cases over the years, he has offered effective legal support to many enterprises and helped them prevent and avoid losses. Under his guidance and leadership, the team has made remarkable achievements and gained geographical advantages in company incorporation, corporate governance, restructuring/mergers/acquisitions, crisis management, and other corporate legal affairs. He has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, and has represented clients in nearly 1,000 cases of litigation and arbitration.
             Mr. Luo speaks Mandarin Chinese and English.

    • Affiliations
      In 2006   Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce / Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen   Vice Chairman
      2006    Xiamen Lawyers Association   Standing Director
      2007   the People's Government of Jimei District   Member of the District Chief’s Team of Lawyers
      2008   The 8th Board of Directors of Fujian Lawyers Association   Director
      2008   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People’s Government   Member of the Legal Advisory Group
      2008   Xiamen Taiwan Businessmen Investment Enterprise Association   Member of the Legal Advisory Group 
      2008    Xiamen Audit Bureau   Special Auditor
      2010    Xiamen Mediation Committee of Medical Disputes   Legal Expert Adviser
      2011   People's Government of Huli District    Member of the Legal Advisory Group
      2012   Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone  Member of Lawyer Service Group
      2013    The 4th Board of Directors of Fujian Young Lawyers Association   Vice Chairman
      2014   Professional Committee of Government Legal Advisers of the Xiamen Lawyers Association   Vice Chairman
      2014   Procurement Review Expert of Xiamen Municipal People's Government
      2015   Legislation Consultant for the Xiamen Municipal People's Government

      2005   Advanced Individual in the Fujian Lawyers Association’s Annual Construction of Regulations
      2009   Fujian Young Lawyer of Excellence in the 2nd Selection Activity
      2014   Advanced Lawyer of Civility and Honesty of Fujian
      2016   Xiamen Lawyers Association   Vice Chairman
      2016   Chamber of Commerce of Siming District, Xiamen   Vice Chairman

    • ●Provides a Korean-funded bed linen manufacturer with perennial legal advisory services;
      ●Provides a foreign-invested professional finance leasing company approved by the Ministry of Commerce with perennial legal advisory services;
      ●Provided Xiamen North Railway Station with full legal services relating to attracting investment for a commercial real estate project;
      ●Acting as the key member of liquidation managers of two Chinese-foreign joint ventures and a state-owned enterprise successively, provided full legal services for liquidation procedures of the liquidated enterprises;
      ●Provided a large-scale state-owned enterprise in Xiamen and its subordinate units with full legal services for the disposal of non-performing assets (NPA);
      ●Provided full legal services to a client that wanted to dispose of the bad debts relating to their multi-location real estate project;
      ●Provided a large-scale real estate project in Zhangzhou with full legal services;
      ●Provided full legal services to an architectural decoration company in Fujian for their stock-reform.