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The practice field

  • Insurance, real estate, construction projects, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration
  • Wu Junmeng Wu Junmeng Wu Junmeng
    •        Having graduated from the Department of Law at Xiamen University in 1994, Wu Junmeng went on to work in a state-owned insurance company, beginning to work as a part-time lawyer in 1996. In 2000, he left his office to become a full-time partnership lawyer and in 2013 established a partnership law firm, working as a director. He joined SLP in 2016. 
             In his twenty years of practice, Mr. Wu has served on more than 2,000 cases of litigation, non-litigation and arbitration and has served as legal adviser to dozens of government agencies, enterprises and public institutions, social organizations and individuals. He has accumulated extremely rich experience in civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and legal advisory services, and his advantages lie particularly in the insurance business, real estate, and construction projects.

    • Since 2004, he has been appointed an in the first and second rounds of arbitrators of the Quanzhou Arbitration Commission.
      In 2009, he won one of the first "Excellent Arbitrator" titles from the Quanzhou Arbitration Commission.
      Since 2008, he has been a director of Quanzhou Lawyers Association, member of the Civil and Commercial Commission and a member of Assessment Committee.
      Since 2013, he has been a supervisor for the clean governance of the Public Security Bureau of the Quanzhou Taiwan Business Zone.
      Since 2014, he has been a member of the Lawyers Group of the Quanzhou Administration of Trade and Industry’s Protection Committee for Consumers’ Rights and Interests..
      Since 2014, he has been a deputy director of IPR Committee of the Fujian Lawyers Association.
      Since 2016, he has been a mediator and arbitrator of the Services Center of Quanzhou Insurance Consumers’ Rights and Interests Protection.

    • ●Serves as a legal adviser to the Quanzhou Insurance Association and PICC Quanzhou Branch, and has an excellent cooperative business relations with many insurance companies in Quanzhou;
      ●Serves as a legal adviser to the Quanzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau and Quanzhou Urban and Rural Planning Bureau, as well as many real estate and construction companies;
      ●Has excellent cooperative business relations with many banks, small-loan companies and investment companies.