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  • International Commerce
    Maritime Commerce and Maritime Affairs
    Relevant Legal Matters of Commercial Logistics (including domestic and foreign trade, international transportation, logistics, supply chain, insurance, corporate business, etc.)

  • Zeng Hui Zeng Hui Zeng Hui
    •        Mr. Zeng Hui is a partner at SLP and is director of the Xiamen Lawyers Association’s Professional Committee on Foreign Affairs arbitrator of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association, the British Royal Institute of Chartered Arbitrators, and the Xiamen Arbitration Commission. Mr. Zeng is the leader of SLP’s supply chain team. Before practicing, he worked at the Xiamen Port Authority, and then joined the United States Sea and Land Combined Transportation Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest shipping companies. In doing so he accumulated rich experience in trading, shipping, freight forwarding, insurance, port operations, port management, etc. and established good relations with many trading enterprises, shipping enterprises, freight forwarders, port management departments and relevant port units.
             Practicing since 1998, Mr. Zeng Hui has dealt with a large amount of international maritime and commercial affairs, trading, insurance, logistics and other foreign commercial legal affairs. He has an excellent reputation and rich experience in these fields with unique opinions on the commercial operation and legal management of modern logistics, such as supply chain management. He has served as legal adviser to dozens of domestic and foreign enterprises and trade associations over the years. His clients include domestic and well-known foreign shipping enterprises, insurance companies, mutual insurance associations of ship-owners, freight forwarders, logistics enterprises, storage yards, wharfs, trade, supply chains, E-commerce companies, etc. At the same time, he has maintained long-term cooperation with many foreign law firms, which allows him to provide high-quality and efficient cross-border legal services for our clients.
             Mr. Zeng is proficient in English, Mandarin and the Hokkien dialect.

    • Affiliations

      Member of the British Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
      Xiamen Arbitration Commission Arbitrator
      Director of the Xiamen Lawyers Association Professional Committee on Foreign Affairs
      Deputy Director of the Xiamen Lawyers Association Professional Committee on Maritime Affairs and Maritime Commerce
      Xiamen International Freight Forwarders Association General Legal Counsel
      Xiamen Logistics Association General Legal Counsel
      Member of the Xiamen Logistics Association Experts Committee
      Xiamen Bureau of Commerce Commercial Expert
      Member of the Xiamen Lawyers Association Examination Committee
      FIATA Certification Trainer
      Director of the Xiamen Young Entrepreneurs Association
      Fujian Foreign Legal Services Lawyers Group


      2010-2011   Fujian Lawyer of Excellence

    • ●Provides Fujian's largest private supply chain enterprises with new types of supply chain legal services;
      ●Represents world's largest shipping brokerage firm in dealing with disputes over ship trade brokerage contracts;
      ● Mr. Zeng was entrusted by the world's largest Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Club for non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC), the TT CLUB, to act for an American NVOCC in a dispute over delivery of goods without bills of lading. He successfully defended a claim for over ten million Yuan;
      ●Represented the Ship-owners’ Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg), a well-known foreign P&I Club, in dealing with protection and compensation contract disputes regarding damage-prevention costs incurred as a result of oil pollution from a ship collision;
      ●Together with U.S. lawyers, dealt with a highly influential case regarding the insolvency of a foreign-funded leading enterprise in the outdoor goods industry that resulted in the prosecution of hundreds of creditors and protests by thousands of employees;
      ●Drafted the contract for a well-known foreign-investment wharf enterprise for the sale of tens of millions of dollars’ worth of dock machinery to foreign wharfs;
      ●Handled disputes relating to a lease contract involving more than 3,000 containers and other disputes resulting from the insolvency of the largest private coastal shipping company in Fujian;
      ●In cooperation with Taiwanese lawyers, successfully acted for mainland fishermen’s family members in suing ship owners for their liabilities for sailors’ personal injury and death at sea;
      ●Dealt with a typical “self-trading in name but trade agency in fact” lawsuit of recent years, which became one of the few successful defended cases;
      ●As chief arbitrator, heard and judged the first arbitration case in Xiamen in which both parties were foreign;
      ●From 2004 to 2009, as one of the few FIATA accredited trainers in China, mentored 4 batches of industry elites taking the FIATA Certification;
      ●From 2005 to 2011, conducted more than a dozen training sessions and lectures for international shipping and freight forwarding enterprises in Xiamen;
      ●From 2007 to 2010, introduced international trade and logistics and its practices on many occasions to students of Xiamen University and Xiamen Huaxia Vocational College;
      ●In February 2009, gave a lecture on "Legal Risks and Precautions in the Foreign Trade Agency Business" to a large number of import and export enterprises by invitation of Xiamen Trade Development Bureau, Xiamen Trade Relief Legal Affairs Center, Xiamen Foreign Economic and Trade Enterprises Association and Xiamen Enterprises Legal Work Association;
      ●In 2009, commissioned by Xiamen Logistics Association to give legal courses related to logistics and supply chain business for the logistics enterprises;
      ●In 2009, gave a speech on logistics law for fellow lawyers and arbitrators at the invitation of the Xiamen Arbitration Commission;
      ●In 2011, travelled to Tianjin to participate in the Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) Annual Asia Pacific Regional Meeting;
      ●In 2011, at the invitation of the Judicial Interpretation Working Group of the Supreme People’s Court, took part in the expert seminar on "Judicial Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Judging Disputes over Maritime Freight Forwarding Contracts";
      ●In November 2012, travelled to New Zealand's capital Auckland to participate in the LAW Annual General Meeting;
      ●In April 2013, travelled to Indian’s capital New Delhi to participate in the LAW Annual Asia Pacific Regional Meeting.