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  • Xu Jiansheng (Ron) Xu Jiansheng (Ron) Xu Jiansheng (Ron)
    •        XU Jiansheng (Ron) is a partner at Sphere Logic Partners (SLP) and is in charge of the firm’s international business and IPR cases; he is also Of Counsel to Wan Hui Da, a top-notch Chinese IP service organization. Ron has extensive experience advising and representing foreign investors and businesses regarding their legal and commercial interests in China; he also represents Chinese entities in their cross-border matters. He has represented an array of multinationals and other leading foreign and Chinese companies from various industries, including: aerospace and aviation, infrastructure, marine equipment, automotive, finance, electronics, information technology, gaming, medical, agriculture, retail, luxury goods, food & drink, apparel & footwear, health and body products, hardware & home improvement, sports and entertainment, and cultural innovation.
             Under Ron’s leadership, The SLP team maintains close working relations with a number of elite law firms around the world. Serving on the Executive Committee as the Asia Pacific Regional Representative, Ron plays a key role in the Lawyers Associated Worldwide, of which SLP is a member. In such a capacity, he is often retained by companies, government and semi-government agencies, and industrial associations overseeing or promoting investment and trade. He gives them legal and commercial consultations on cross-border legal remedies, and promotion of foreign investment and trade, as well as outbound investment matters and technology transfers for Chinese enterprises.
             Ron speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Cantonese and the Hokkien dialect.

    • Affiliations

      Lawyers Associated Worldwide
      Executive Member and Asia Pacific Regional Representative, Lawyers Associated Worldwide
      Expert, China Ministry of Commerce’s Legal Aid Center for Overseas IP Protection
      Member, All China Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Law Committee
      Director, Fujian (Provincial) Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Committee
      Vice President, Fujian Law Society Intellectual Property Institute
      Member, Fujian (Provincial) Radio Management Legal Advisory Taskforce
      Director, Xiamen (Municipal) Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Committee
      Advisor, China (Xiamen) Investment Promotion Center (Organizing Committee of China International Fair for Investment and Trade)
      Pro bono counsel, Xiamen Trade Remedy Center
      Pro bono counsel, Xiamen Foreign Economic and Trade Enterprises Association
      Member, Xiamen Intellectual Property Bureau IP Experts Bank
      Council Member, Association for Xiamen Knowledge-based Innovation and IP Protection
      Legal counsel, The Third Government of Huli District
      Member, Fujian (Provincial) Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Legal Advisory Taskforce
      Member, Fujian Foreign Legal Advisory Taskforce


      “Young US-China Leader” of the National Committee on US-China Relations
       2007-2009 Outstanding Lawyer of Fujian Province

    • Overseas Investment and M&A

      ●Provided advice for a leading Chinese LED lighting manufacturer on acquiring a partial stake in an American smart home software company, and on how both parties could cooperate to promote interconnected intelligent lighting products in global markets including China;
      ●Provided one of China's largest bus manufacturers with early-stage support for its plan to acquire an Italian state-owned bus factory, which the client terminated prior to investment;
      ●Provided a well-known Chinese construction machinery company with early-stage legal arguments and feasibility studies regarding the purchase of equities in a Korean company that produces a special type of fire engine, and for licensing the Korean company's technology in China. The project was terminated after preliminary studies;
      ●Provided a leading Chinese stone machinery manufacturer with early-stage services regarding investment in Italian and Spanish companies; and helped the client select target companies and perform initial due diligence;
      ●Acquired shares in a European company affected by the financial crisis on behalf of a domestic bathroom products company in order to boost its brand and global sales channels;
      ●Provided an individual Chinese investor with strategic planning and legal support for acquiring equities and assets of an Indonesian mineral resource company;
      ●Many years providing legal advisory and related services for government investment-attracting agencies.

      Foreign Investment and M&A

      ●Provided legal services such as due diligence, transaction structure design and negotiation to one of the world’s largest infrastructure management companies for its acceptance of the transfer of an expressway charging rights project in China worth billions of Yuan;
      ●On behalf of a Malaysian investment bank, conducted due diligence on a target company and provided strategic advice on entering China’s credit guarantee market through acquisition;
      ●Served as legal adviser to the municipal government for a direct investment project with a total investment of almost USD100 million, invested in by a world famous shoe manufacturer;
      ●Provided legal advice to a world-leading Dutch maritime heavy equipment manufacturer on acquiring its supplier in China;
      ●On behalf of a Chinese investment group, conducted project planning, contract drafting and negotiation for the establishment of a joint venture with a leading American global Internet company;
      ●On behalf of a large Chinese bathroom products company, conducted negotiations, drafted related contracts and participated in establishment procedures with a Korean company to set up a joint venture in China;
      ●Assisted foreign investors in setting up a number of foreign-invested enterprises.


      ●Assisted one of the world's largest computer manufacturers in managing its registered trademarks and copyrights in China, and over the years has systematically safeguarded its rights in China;
      ●Strategy consultation for a world-leading electrical tool manufacturer trying to reacquire its trademarks that had been registered preemptively by others in China;
      ●Provided a global business software alliance with advisory services on safeguarding software rights in China;
      ●On behalf of a world-famous mobile phone brand, conducted negotiations with a well-known domestic smartphone application platform over issues concerning opening user operating authority;
      ●On behalf of a world famous candy and beverage manufacturer, conducted negotiations with a domestic manufacturer over infringements and successfully resolved the dispute for the client;
      ●Successfully acted for a world famous wine brand in a number of criminal proceedings concerning infringement of its IPR;
      ●Provided advisory services on rights safeguarding on the Internet to a well-known gaming company, and provided long-term monitoring and handling services for specific infringements on the Internet;
      ●Provided a legal solution for a local bank for the handling of complex software licensing arrangements following termination of cooperation with its dedicated software schemes provider, which was troubled by capital market scandals;
      ●On behalf of a well-known consumer electronics enterprise in China, dealt with a number of overseas IPR disputes, including American patent litigation;
      ●Supported the inventor of a revolutionary laser display technology in entrepreneurship, designing a corporate structure, and formulating IPR strategies, and assisted with IPR management;
      ●On behalf of a Chinese company that is one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of personal care and fashionable household products, conducted licensing negotiations with a number of well-known foreign brands and designers;
      ●Assisted a well-known advisory company in providing IPR management schemes for a large state-owned enterprise.

      International Trade and International Commercial Transactions

      ●Assisted a state-owned ordnance company in successfully dealing with cases which may result in administrative penalties from the United States Coast Guard due to the suspicion of violation of international regulations on dangerous goods transportation;
      ●Assisted a global produce distribution company with its plan for a banana planting and exporting project by providing due diligence and negotiation services;
      ●Assisted a large state-owned company in participating in international bidding organized by a Southeast Asian national coal company for the specific production line needed for its coal mining, and won the bid. Also provided full legal services for the export of complete sets of electromechanical equipment and technical licensing;
      ●Drafted the contract for a leading domestic Chinese bathroom products company for the exclusive rights to sales of a South Korean Company’s advanced smart products in Mainland China, and participated in negotiations;
      ●Provided legal advice and contract modification for a Malaysian port accepting the transfer of a sale agreement signed by a Chinese port for the purchase of port machinery worth tens of millions of U.S. dollars.

      General Corporate and Commercial Cases

      ●Assisted one of the world's largest computer manufacturers in completing the adjustment of its marketing model for China, which was an important part of the business's global marketing model adjustment strategy. Also led most of the legal affairs during the adjustment, participating in the design of a wide range of specific sales channels and the drafting and negotiation of a large number of commercial contracts and related legal documents;
      ●Helped a world-leading aircraft interior manufacturing group to complete the transformation of its Asia Pacific business model and transfer its investments in China among different special customs zones. Completion of this project ensured the group could serve its Asia-Pacific clients more efficiently, maximize its global capacity, and reduce overall operating costs;
      ●Provided recommendations and other legal support to a transnational corporation and its investment enterprises in China for coping with several major crises and complex and sensitive commercial disputes.

      Foreign Litigation and Dispute Resolution

      ●On behalf of a well-known domestic Television manufacturer, dealt with many of its overseas IPR disputes and litigation;
      ●On behalf of a well-known domestic IP phone manufacturer, handled its patent litigation in the U.S. Federal District Court of California, and quickly drew up a low-cost, advantageous licensing arrangement with the United States patent owner;
      ●Acted for a well-known household items and ornaments manufacturer in arbitration cases with its foreign partners involving investment, trade and IPR at the American Arbitration Association’s International Center for Dispute Resolution.