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The practice field

  • Corporate business and legal advise
    Commercial transactions and investment
    Asset management and disposal
    Commercial dispute resolution

  • Tu Jiankui Tu Jiankui Tu Jiankui
    • Professional Background
      Mr. Tu Jiankui has been practicing for 21 years. He joined SLP in 2002 and now as a partner and deputy director presides over the business.
      Prior to joining SLP, Mr. Tu was a director of one of the earliest law firms in Xiamen.

      Professional Experience
      He has extensive experience in both litigation and non-litigation cases. At the beginning of his practice, he was mainly engaged in litigation and arbitration, and had a very outstanding record in dealing with all kinds of dispute settlement. He has acted in a many major cases heard in Chinese courts at all levels (including the Supreme People's Court), and has a wealth of litigation experience. Now his litigation and arbitration cases mainly involve commercial law. After many years of practice, he applied his litigation experience to non-litigation areas dominated by commercial transactions and corporate operations, and he has dealt with a large number of legal affairs in these areas, accumulating an abundance of experience.

      Working Language
      Mandarin, English, and the Hokkien dialect

      Educational Background
      July 1992   Bachelor of Law, Xiamen University School of Law
      In July 2007   Master of Law, Xiamen University School of Law

    • Affiliations

      Arbitrator of the Xiamen Arbitration Commission

    • Corporate Business and Legal Advise
      Served as a long-term district legal adviser in Xiamen providing legal services to district government;
      Currently serves as legal adviser to a listed environmental protection company, providing the company with legal services such as negotiation and document review to obtain operating concessions from various governments for BOT energy-from-waste projects;
      Currently serves as legal adviser to a large state-owned enterprise that provides construction agency services for municipal construction projects in Xiamen;
      Handling a number of corporate equity mergers and acquisitions involving companies from wide range of industries, including real estate, mining, hospitality, and manufacturing.
      Over the years, he has provided a well-known "Fortune 500" IT company with a wide range of corporate legal services relating to commercial contracts, marketing, business operations, land and property rights, labor relations, IPR, corporate governance, and compliance, etc.

      Commercial Transactions and Investment
      Provided legal services to a municipal government cooperating with overseas companies for international environmental fund projects; 
      Provided investment planning and full legal services to a domestic enterprise investing in a large energy project in Indonesia;
      Provided legal advice and due diligence services to a European investor acquiring Chinese highways.

      Asset Management and Disposal
      Disposed of an NPA package purchased from a Chinese asset management company on behalf of one of the world’s largest banks;
      Serves as the long-term legal adviser to auction houses and has accumulated a wealth of experience in various kinds of asset transaction.
      Commercial Dispute Resolution
      Successfully acted for a domestic carrier in suing the largest shipping company in a Japan for delivery of goods without bills of lading, and obtained full compensation for the client without having any direct evidence;
      Successfully acted in a litigation case in the Supreme People’s Court. The case involved a series of disputes arising from an International Agreement on the Sale of Goods involving six parties (including international traders, banks, manufacturers, sales agents, etc.);
      Represented a world famous corporation applying for an international arbitration verdict to be recognized and enforced in China;
      Acted in a commercial case worth nearly 500 million Yuan heard in the Supreme People's Court as court of second instance;
      Currently acting in many commercial case appeals in the Supreme People's Court.