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  • Chen Tong Chen Tong Chen Tong
    •        Ms. Chen Tong graduated from the School of Law of Xiamen University in 1994 with a Master of Law degree. After graduation, she first worked at a large state-owned enterprise in Xiamen and then at the Bank of Xiamen. She began full-time legal practice in December 2001 and joined SLP in July 2003.
             Ms. Chen’s prior work experience laid a good foundation for her engagement in corporate and financial legal affairs. Thanks to her solid grasp of theory, serious work attitude, and excellent team spirit, she is able to provide clients with high-quality legal services.
             Over the course of her legal practice, she has served as legal adviser to many enterprises, handling various kinds of non-litigation legal affairs as well as civil and commercial cases and taking part in the management and disposal of assets.
             She has served as a supervisor of the Fujian Lawyers Association and Xiamen Lawyers Association.

    • In 2011, she was selected among the Third Round of Fujian Female Lawyers of Excellence
      In 2011, she was awarded the title "Fujian Female Pacesetter for Contributions Made" by the Fujian Women's Federation                               
      In 2012, she was judged to be an “Advanced Individual for Creating Advances and Striving for Excellence in Activities of the National Legal Industry” by the Ministry of Justice                               
      In 2012, she was judged to be an “Advanced Individual for Creating Advance and Striving for Excellence Activities in the Fujian Legal Industry” by the Fujian Department of Justice

    • ●Serves as long-term legal adviser to many enterprises, providing all-round corporate legal services in areas such as business strategies, contract management, foreign investment, labor relations, etc.
      ●Represented enterprises handling numerous litigation and arbitration cases
      ●Serves as a member of a district government lawyers group, and provides legal services for government’s administration according to law
      ●Represents the government in the handling of civil and administrative litigation cases
      ●Participated in many bankruptcy and liquidation cases