Real Estate and Construction Projects

Real Estate and Construction Projects

  •        With the production and consumption of specific products as its goal, a supply chain effectively integrates business flows, physical flows, capital flows and information flows throughout corresponding trade links such as the purchase of raw materials or parts, production and processing, storage and transportation, trade services, distribution, etc. Cross-border logistics is the core business of international supply chains. It often involves matters such as international transportation, storage, allocation, distribution, customs clearance and inspection. SLP lawyers are specialized in all the above aspects. Our lawyers, with their deep understanding of the logistics industry and extensive experience resolving disputes in relevant fields, can guarantee to meet the demands of our clients in building legitimate and effective logistics schemes and preventing risk. At the same time, we conform to the needs of many supply chain clients, assisting them in integrating all kinds of resources and controlling risks on key nodes, thus ensuring their financial security when providing supply chain financing.

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